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Hello from Mrs Docherty and Primary 7

Please see our termly newsletter below:

In Primary 7 our learning will include


Maths and Numeracy

  • Working out durations of time.
  • Read timetables, converting between 24 hr and 12 hr clocks.
  • Calculating with money, change from £20 and working out best value.

At home you could
  • Ask children what their targets are and ask them to show you examples.
  • Share prices of products with children, ask them to add them up and say what the change would be after paying.


  • Identifying the main idea of the text.
  • Finding quotes from the text which tell us about character, setting and plot.
  • Writing at length within a set timeframe using sentences which have adjectival phrases.

At home you could
  • Ensure your child builds stamina in reading – they should read for 20 minutes every night and you can still read to them!
  • Ask your child to tell you the main idea - the maker’s message -  of tv shows, films, songs and books.

Health and Wellbeing

  •  Discussing how to become more responsible for our own selfcare, organisation and learning.
  • Learn about our rights under the UNCRC.

At home you could
  • Agree ways in which children can take on more responsibility around the house.

Religious Education

  • Learning about our Celtic Faith heritage.
  • Investigate the lives of the Celtic Saints, Columba, Margaret and Mungo.
  • Lent and Easter.

At home you could
  • Encourage children to say evening prayers and practise mass responses by tuning into online masses.
  • Make your own Lenten promise and try to pray, give and do each day during Lent.

Across The Curriculum

  • In Science, learn about the life cycles of plants and how their DNA gives them traits to help them survuve.
  • In Technologies, using software to manipulate and enhance images and sounds

At home you could
  • Encourage children to make short films or photo slideshows, they can make small stop motion films with free apps.
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