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Hello from Mrs Docherty and Primary 7
Please see our termly newlsetter below:

Maths and Numeracy 

  • Meet their personal targets for second and third level.
  • Carry out money calculation by adding, subtracting and multiplying.
  • Calculate profit and loss and discuss different ways of paying for items.

At home you could
  • Talk with children about the pros and cons of credit, explain why budgeting is important and why it can be difficult.

  • Read and perform poems, commenting on their meaning and structure.
  • Read novels and use our new comprehension strategies to understand them more deeply.
  • Develop correct use of speech marks and apostrophes and apply this to our writing.
  • Tell the time in French for every quarter hour and names of common food and drinks.

At home you could
  • Ensure children read for pleasure at home every day, encourage them to talk to you about their likes and dislikes and share their Reading Passport.
  • Ask them to tell you time, in French to the nearest quarter hour.

Health and Wellbeing
  • Share view, talents and skills with the school community while preparing and performing the school Christmas play.
  • Understand that setbacks, problems and imperfections are part of everyone’s normal life.

At home you could
  • Talk to children about body image and how some images in the media are unrealistic.

Religious Education
  • Learning about our Celtic Faith heritage.
  • Investigate the lives of the Celtic Saints, Columba, Margaret and Mungo.

At home you could
  • Visit the St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art in Glasgow.

Across The Curriculum
  • In Science, learn how we can test water samples and how water is purified for use, ways to conserve water at home.
  • In Technologies, using software to manipulate and enhance images and sounds

At home you could
  • Talk about how we can save energy and water at home through simple changes to daily life.



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