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Hello from Mrs Docherty and Primary 7

In Primary 7 our learning will include


Maths and Numeracy

  • Rounding numbers to 10 and one figure of accuracy
  • Read and order numbers up to 1 million
  • Multiply and divide numbers by 10,100 and 1000

At home you could
  • Quiz children daily on their tables, good recall is essential for progress in maths.
  • Find large numbers e.g in the news, ask them to read them, round them and say the value of each digit


  • Create summaries and questions about what they have read.
  • Revise all common punctuation and create imaginative stories with powerful verbs.

At home you could
  • Ensure your child builds stamina in reading – they should read for 20 minutes every night and you can still read to them! Ask Mrs Docherty for recommendations!
  • Ask your child to summarise texts, a movie, a family story, a news report or their day.

Health and Wellbeing

  •    Ways to remain resilient in tough times; by being grateful, hopeful, connected and drawing on strengths.  
  • Understanding what a growth mindset means; how mistakes help your learning and how there is always room for improvement however little it is.

At home you could
  • Talk about a time where you had to stick in with learning and how mistakes helped you.

Religious Education

  • The structure of The Bible, the colours associated with liturgical seasons and the Gospel of Luke
  • Learning the prayers Come Holy Spirit and The Guardian Angel Prayer

At home you could
  • Practise these prayers every day.

Across The Curriculum

  • The function of the brain , nervous system and senses

At home you could
  • Discuss the importance of sleep, diet and exercise in maintaining a healthy brain.
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