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Hello from Mrs Mack and Primary 2

In Primary 2 our learning will include




Maths and Numeracy

  • Know the days of the week and months of the year.
  • Talk about the seasons.
  • Count in 2s, 5s and 10s
  • Count out amounts and give change

At home you could
  • Use a calendar to discuss the day, date and special celebrations.
  • Practise counting coins in shop etc


  • Identify common words in stories and use these words correctly in our own writing.
  • Retell familiar stories in the correct order by discussing the beginning, middle and end.
  • Use phonics knowledge to sound out and read new words in reading books and make good attempts at writing words.

At home you could
  • Use home jotter to draw and write your own stories together. Talk about people who help your family
  • Continue to read books at home, encouraging your child to identify common words.



Health and Wellbeing

  • Play Interland on Glow
  • Identify what is safe and not, know what to do when we need help

At home you could
  • Play board games ensuring that everyone follows the rules and takes turns. 

Religious Education  

  • Identifying people in our lives who care for us and reflecting on God’s call for us to show love to others.

At home you could
  • Talk about the people in your child’s life who care for them.  Encourage your child to reflect on times they have shown love and care to others.

Across The Curriculum

Soc. Studies – People who Help us 
  • Learning about Emergency and Community services
  • Using the internet to find out more about what is available in the local area
At home you could
  • Practise your name and address
  • Talk about someone who helps your family
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