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Maths and Numeracy

Addition and Subtraction within 5                      
  • Use objects, pictures and fingers to add two groups together.
  • Know that the last number counted is the answer.
  • Use objects, pictures and fingers to take away.
  • Know that when you add, the total is bigger and when you subtract the number gets smaller.

At home you could
  • Use everyday objects such as toys etc. to solve calculations.
  • Help your child to write sums using the symbols +, -, =.


  • Continue to learn the sounds of the letters of the alphabet and form these correctly in our writing.
  • Continue to recognise the common words we are learning and identify these in our reading books.
  • Begin to spell the common words we have learned correctly and use these in our own writing.

At home you could
  • Encourage your child to write in their everyday lives and play.
  • Allow your child to write lists.  For example shopping lists, lists for Santa, lists of ways they can help at home etc.

Health and Wellbeing

Core Values
  • Discuss the values of honesty, fairness, responsibility.
  • Discuss similarities and differences.  Develop an understanding that it is okay to be different.

At home you could
  • Talk about times you have  shown the core values and how this made you feel.

Religious Education

  • Learn that advent is a time of waiting.
  • Reflect on Christmas as a special time for the Christian community.
  • Participate in activities that strengthen or knowledge of the nativity story.

At home you could
  • Set up a crib and talk about the important role of each of the figures.

Across The Curriculum

  • Investigate the different properties of water.

At home you could
  • Talk about ice, snow, frost, steam etc.
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