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In Primary 1 our learning will include



Maths and Numeracy

  • Exploring the concepts of addition and subtraction using numbers within 10.
  • Investigating measurement.
  • Identifying simple symmetry.
  • Creating patterns.

At home you could
  • Use bundles of toys, building bricks and everyday items to add groups together and find the total.
  • Use bundles of toys, building bricks and everyday objects.  Take some from the group and count how many left.
  • Use opportunities such as baking, pouring bubble bath, to explore measuring.  You could also measure items of furniture.


  • Identifying letters by name and sound.
  • Recognise taught common words in a variety of texts.
  • Discussing the events of stories.
  • Explore using drawings, marks, letters and words to record experiences and create stories.

At home, you could
  • Share stories and discuss.  Encourage your child to spot letters and words they have learned.
  • Allow your child to use notebooks, their home jotter etc. to write about their experiences.

Health and Wellbeing  

  • Discuss the benefits of being active.  Identify what happens to our bodies when we exercise.  Suggest ways to be active both indoors and outdoors.
  • Discuss the importance of friendship.  Talk about ways to be a good friend to others.  Reflect on times we have been shown friendship.

At home you could
  • Play outside when possibly.
  • Make use of websites with physical activities for at home such as Joe Wicks, Cosmic kids etc.
  • Encourage your child to use values such as honesty, fairness, co-operation in order to establish positive relationships with their friends.

Religious Education  

  • Enjoy hearing stories from the bible that teach us about God’s love.
  • Develop understanding that Easter and Lent are special times during which we get ready for the death and resurrection of Jesus..

At home you could
  • Use a children’s bible and enjoy stories from it.
  • Talk about prayer, fasting and giving and make a Lenten promise.
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