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Maths and Numeracy 

  • Practise word problems to ensure you know the right computation to use eg add/subtract/divide/multiply or sometimes a combination of a few.
  • Use the Rigour calendars to ensure you are secure in first level then challenge yourself at 2nd level.
  • Continue to practise 2-10 x tables.

  • Read Daily for 15 mins or more.
  • Write about your favourite book character.
  • Pick 5 new words a week to learn using meta linguistics.
  • Link your letters at all times when writing.
  • Listen to Radioblogging.net each week day at 9.30am for excellent writing ideas from Pie Corbett.

Health and Wellbeing
  • Keeping ourselves safe, both online and in the real world.
  • Go out to your garden at least once in the day.
  • Exercise by playing old fashioned games, football, elastics, ropes etc.
  • Go out on your bike.
  • Practise social distancing when outside.
  • Stay at home when parents are shopping for essentials.
  • Keep a diary of your feelings at this time and talk to your family if you are feeling down.
  • Help plan Healthy snacks and cook lunch.
  • Discuss the need for safety when online especially when using social media.

Religious Education
  • Go online each Sunday to attend virtual Mass, there are many available, it’s fun to visit different parishes.
  • Practise Mass responses.
  • www.sdc.me.uk has worksheets for each week at Mass. rcdom.org.uk  also has some resources available
  • Pray together as a family for all who are affected by this Pandemic.

Across The Curriculum

Social Subjects
  • BBC Bitesize Geography, Contours Keys/symbols then revise some of your previous learning using the Sustainability and plastics /Natural Resources clip
  • BBC Bitesize History- some lessons on Edwardian life related to your Titanic studies

  • Log into Charanga and use the newly added programme ‘Dancing in the Street’.
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