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Maths and Numeracy

  • Changing times from analogue to digital, reading timetables and calculating simple time intervals.
  • Written multiplication and division skills then applying these to problem solving activities.

At home you could
  • Ask each other the time in both analogue and digital formats. Revise all multiplication tables.


  • In writing, using direct speech appropriately.
  • Reading books of your choice and fill in your reading passport (in class)
  • Enhance note taking skills through a variety of media linked to our study.

At home you could
  • Encourage them to read a wider variety of texts
  • Create cartoons with your child with a speech bubble then have them write the conversation formally using speech marks

Health and Wellbeing

  • Understand that people have different nutritional needs throughout their lives.
  • Recognise the role that different food groups play in keeping healthy.

At home you could
  • Discuss the different changes to your own and other family member’s diets and recognise the importance of a balanced diet.

Religious Education

  • Learning about the life of Jesus as a healer and teacher, reflecting on how his words and actions influence our own lives and those of others.

At home you could
  • Read and discuss Bible stories together.

Across The Curriculum

Social Studies
  • Explore the River Clyde and the surrounding area
  • Learn about the impact of plastic pollution on our local environment

At home you could
  • Explore the different areas of the River Clyde from the Lowther Hills to the Firth of Clyde
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