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Hello from Mrs Docherty, Mrs Higgins and Primary 5

In Primary 5 our learning will include



Maths and Numeracy

  • Understanding the value of each digit in numbers to 100,000; putting them in order and adding/subtracting 10/100/1000 etc. from them
  • Multiplying and dividing single digit numbers then applying this to a double digit by single digit calculation

At home you could
  • Write different digit numbers and ask your child to read them then add/subtract 10/100/1000 etc. from them
  • Revise base multiplication tables with associated division facts e.g. 6x7=42, 42÷7=6 and so on.


  • To find the main idea of the paragraph or full text that we are using
  • To guess the meaning of words we do not understand using our Metalinguistic’ strategies and use a dictionary to check
  • To use a wider range of vocabulary in our writing – frontal adverbials and varying a range of openers to start sentences.

At home you could
  • Ask them the main idea of a television programme
  • Ask for a variety of words to replace a more common version like ‘said’ 
  • Encourage them to read for 20 minutes a day

Health and Wellbeing

  • Learn to develop strategies to help manage a range of emotions
  • Identify strengths and talents that we have
  • In PE, demonstrate good communication and team building skills when playing a variety of sports

At home you could
  • Discuss ways to deal with different emotions
  • Discuss different skills and talents that your child and others in your family have

Religious Education

  • The Sacrament of Holy Communion.
  • Learning about the Liturgical year, the colours and associated symbols
  • Reading and writing about the teachings of the Old Testament

At home you could
  • Read Bible stories from the Old Testament together


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