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Hello from Mrs Mack and Primary 5

Please see our termly newsletter below:

In Primary 5 our learning will include



Maths and Numeracy

  • Divide 2 and 3 digit numbers by a single digit with carrying and remainders.
  • Find different fractions of a whole number, for example 1/10 of 30 and relate it to taught division facts.
  • Properties of 3D shapes.   

At home you could
  • Revise multiplication tables to aid division when finding the nearest multiple.
  • Talk about different shapes found at home


  • Enhance note taking skills through a variety of media linked to our study.
  • Summarise texts to discuss the main idea and any themes in the text
  • Continue to read a variety of texts

At home you could
  • Ask them the main idea of a television programme
  • Watch Newsround and take notes on a report.  Summarise any videos watched online and discuss the main idea
  • Continue to encourage them to read for 20 minutes a day


Health and Wellbeing

  • Children are aware of the UN rights and responsibilities
  • Develop a range of strategies to help with changing friendships
  • Develop confidence in our own abilities when faced with new challenges

At home you could
  • Discuss different ways to resolve conflicts with friends
  • Think back to a challenge that you have overcome at home.  How did you do it?  What helped you?  Did you feel like giving up?  Discuss what helped you overcome the challenge.

Religious Education

  • Lent and the story of Easter
  • Learning about the signs and symbols of Easter

At home you could
  • Create your own Lenten promise
  • Try to follow the daily tasks of praying, giving and doing during Lent


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