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Hello from Mrs Brown and Primary 3

In Primary 3 our learning will include:



Maths and Numeracy

  • Working with numbers to 1000 (reading, writing, ordering) and understanding each digit’s place value.
  • Finding numbers before and after.
  • Finding numbers 10 more and less than.

At home you could:
  • Read numbers that you see out and about and quiz each other on numbers more/less, before/after.


  • Consolidating taught phonemes and common words to increase accuracy in spelling.
  • Using word attack strategies to read independently and answer comprehension questions.
  • Using capital letters and full stops correctly in all pieces of writing.

At home you could:
  • Read a variety of books for enjoyment.
  • Practise writing phoneme and common words in a variety of ways and places e.g. using stones or chalk outside.


Health and Wellbeing

  • To identify times in which we have felt a range of different emotions.
  • Developing growth mind-set and knowing who to ask for help and support.

At home you could:
  • Talk about times you have found it challenging to learn something new.


Religious Education

  • Learning about God’s gift of creation.
  • Discussing some facts about St Francis of Assisi.

At home you could:
  • Go on a walk, identify what has been created by God and discuss the changes each season brings.

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