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Wider Achievements

In St Louise Primary, we want to celebrate the wider achievements of all our pupils. If they are involved in any clubs outside of school we ask them to share their achievements, certificates, medals, trophies and any progressions they make at our weekly assembly.

We also have a wider achievements wall on display in our cafeteria and if children would like to have their achievements shared here they can pick up a sheet from the school office, fill it in and bring it back with or without a photo which will then be displayed on the wall.

Here are a few of our achievers this term:

School Session 2018-19

Julia Antunes in P3 has moved from Level 1 to Level 2 in swimming after much hard work and dedication.

Noah McGuigan in P1 was awarded Student of the Week at Karate.

Marianna Rooney in P1 was a runner up in an art competition at Girls Brigade.

Aaron Fraser in P3 gained his blue stripe at his Taekwondo grading.

Emma-Jane Harper in P2 has achieved swim skills level 1.

Sunny Pham in P2 got a gold medal for her gymnastics.

Taio Phiri in P3 got Player of the Week at his football.

Holly Kerr in P4 achieved badges 1 & 2 for her Ice Skating.

Elise Petrie in P5 received a silver medal for her gymnastics.

Anna Mack in P4 achieved her Ice Skating badges for levels 1-4 and has moved onto level 5.

School Session 2017-18

Neeve McAneny in P6 came 2nd in the 100m sprint and also got Player of the Tournament at the recent netball festival.

Taio Phiri in P2/3 got a football trophy for continuing to improve his skills and play in matches and a medal for playing in a game at Strathaven, where he almost scored a goal.

Callum Fleetwood in P7 got a certificate for going to Valencia and training with the coaches there.

Sophia Johnstone in P2 came 1st in a gymnastics competition and she received a medal and a trophy.

Caleb Welch in P6 for getting his blue tag and fifth Gup in Tae Kwon Do.

Noah Welch in P1/2 for winning a medal at his football and getting his red stripe in Tae Kwon Do.

Ben Perrett in P4 helped his team EKFC to score a goal in the Wales tournament where he got a medal and a team cup.

Isla McDade in P3 met Mr Tunnocks in Morrisons and she was given a pen, a hat and a signed certificate.

Finlay Craig in P3 got his yellow belt in Karate, a Bronze in his competition and was 'Man of the Match' in his EKYC football.

Sean McNamara in P4 got a Judo trophy for doing well at Judo all the time.

Paul Thomson in P7 attends kick boxing and swimming.

Callum Fleetwood in P7 got the Player of the Week award for volunteering to go in goals.

Steven Cooper in P5 won the Chatelherault Trail Running Festival 1K race and came 2nd in the Calderglen Harriers Summer Trail Race in June. He actually had the same race time as the boy who came 1st.

Holly Cooper in P7 won a bronze and silver medal at a club competition for gymnastics.

Josh McLean in P7 got Player ofthe Week in his football team.

Kai McDonald in P3 was spotted dancing in a video and invited to California after his talents caught the eye of mentors over there.

Brodie McAneny in P6 passed her grading at kickboxing to achieve her yellow belt.

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