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Hello from Mrs Docherty and Primary 3

Please see our termly newsletter below:

In Primary 3 our learning will include:



Maths and Numeracy

  • Round numbers to the nearest 10
  • Read, write and order numbers to 100
  • Measure length, weight and capacity

At home you could
  • Bake together and weigh ingredients or measure items around the home
  • Gather items in the home and ask your child to round them


  • Writing – to check over work to ensure correct punctuation has been used (full stops and capital letters)
  • Continue learning new and revising previously taught phonemes along with common words to develop accuracy in spelling

At home you could
  • Help your child to learn homework spelling and phoneme words
  • Write a short passage for your child to punctuate correctly


Health and Wellbeing

  • Understand the importance of being safe
  • Recognise that we need to a variety of foods to stay healthy

At home you could
  • Discuss different healthy foods you could eat

Religious Education

  • Learn about the story of creation and how God created the world.
  • Study St Francis of Assisi and his love of animals.

At home you could
  • Say a prayer to St Francis thanking him for looking over the animals in the world.

Across The Curriculum

Social Studies – The Rainforest 
  • Explore and compare a natural habitat in Scotland to one in the rainforest

At home you could
  • When out a walk or at the park, look to see which animals and plants are there. You could take pictures and bring them to school to share

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