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Hello from Mrs McAlister and Primary 1

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In Primary 1 our learning will include



Maths and Numeracy

  • Sorting and Matching
  • Number recognition and formation
  • Number sequences and ordering

At home you could
  • Collect objects at home such as toys or clothes.  Sort them by size, colour, patterns, etc.
  • Try to spot numbers when out and about.
  •  Practise saying numbers forwards and backwards, layout number cards and ask questions about the number before/after/between.


  • Making links between the pictures in books and the character, setting and events in books
  • Writing using the correct letter formations (and pencil hold) in own names and taught sounds
  • Emergent writing- pictures, over writing and underwriting

At home you could
  • Share stories together at home discussing the details in the pictures.
  • Practise writing your child’s name and discuss letter formations. 
  • Encourage your child to hold writing implements correctly.
  • Use a notebook to draw and write stories.


Health and Wellbeing

   Social values
  • Safety during play and games
  • Recognising our feelings and seeking help when required

At home you could
  • Use a suitable space to show different ways to travel using simple actions such as walking, running hopping etc.
  • Discuss different types of feelings and use appropriate vocabulary to describe your emotion. 

Religious Education  

  • Knowing that I can talk to God through my prayers (formal prayers, using my own words or singing hymns)

At home you could
  • Say a prayer together to thank God for friends and family.

Across The Curriculum

Social Studies – People Who Help Us 
  • Discuss how we are helped by our families – including recognising increasing independence in tasks and tasks we still need support with
  • Recognise the people who help us in school
  • Explore the roles of people who help us in our local community

At home you could
  • Talk about who has helped you today and their role.
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